Understanding Mind Mapping and How You Can Effectively Use It

Mind mapping is a great tool you can use to improve the flow of information in your life. It structures together information in a way that makes it easier for you to comprehend, analyze, and come up with new ideas as well. With mind mapping, concepts are graphically represented, allowing you to actually picture theContinue reading “Understanding Mind Mapping and How You Can Effectively Use It”

5 Methods for Stopping Negative Self-Talk in Its Tracks

Imagine this: you’re on your way. You’re about to make some serious progress in something which matters deeply to you when suddenly, there it is. A nasty little inner voice telling you all the ways you’re going to fail. The brakes slam on. Wherever you were on this particular road to realizing your goals, you’reContinue reading “5 Methods for Stopping Negative Self-Talk in Its Tracks”

Reasons We Struggle with Patience

The alarm fails to go off, so you oversleep. Now you are late, and you have a flat tire to make things worse. You know that if one more thing happens, you might explode with some expletives that would make a sailor blush. Every day, we fight to maintain a sense of calm as theContinue reading “Reasons We Struggle with Patience”

How Can I Be Happy with What I Have?

Are you struggling to be happy with what you already have? Are you constantly wanting more? Well, you may know by now that being content with what you already have is a major aspect of being happy. Below are some tips to help you stop focusing on what you don’t have and be happy withContinue reading “How Can I Be Happy with What I Have?”

6 Indicators You Might be Overthinking Things

Have you ever considered that you might be overthinking? While carefully considering a new idea can be an excellent thing, there comes a time when thinking about something needs to give way to action. Sometimes, though, we stall ourselves out by getting so involved in our thoughts, we never act at all. At what pointContinue reading “6 Indicators You Might be Overthinking Things”

5 Tips for Helping You to Unwind when Worried

Some days we’d rather not go through. Let’s face it, we all go through times of intense stress and worry. The idea of unwinding at all in these circumstances can feel impossible. At the same time, it’s these bad days where we need to unwind more than ever. With this in mind, let’s take aContinue reading “5 Tips for Helping You to Unwind when Worried”

Restoring Mental Health – Restorative Yoga as a Stress Management Tool

Restorative yoga is arguably one of the most radical yoga practices out there. Why you ask? Because it includes barely any movement and allows body and mind to do what they most certainly need: rest. What is restorative yoga? Restorative yoga is a physically passive yoga style. It involves a lot of props, such asContinue reading “Restoring Mental Health – Restorative Yoga as a Stress Management Tool”

Different Types of Yoga

There are so many different types of yoga disciplines, it can be confusing to pick one. Don’t let the variety stop you from diving into the yoga pool. There are certain yoga types that are geared toward beginners, and these are your best option when learning about the movements. Also, keep in mind that theContinue reading “Different Types of Yoga”

Establishing the Mind/Body Connection with Yoga

The purpose of yoga has always been to connect the mind to the body. That is what the Buddhists had in mind thousands of years ago. Even then, it was clear that when the mind and bodywork as one, the self becomes healthier, more aware, and is able to function at a higher level. ButContinue reading “Establishing the Mind/Body Connection with Yoga”

How to Create and Use a Mood Journal

If you have been noticing that you find yourself easily triggered, falling into certain negative moods, or that you can’t seem to change your mood when you need to then you may need a mood journal. Mood journals can help you determine not only what put you in a certain mood, but also what toContinue reading “How to Create and Use a Mood Journal”