Life Lessons Gained When You Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone. It’s your safe haven from the crazy outside world. You’d be insane to leave that, right? Wrong. While being in our comfort zone is important, it won’t really lead you anywhere but right there in the same place you’ve always been; safe, but not really going anywhere.

And while that may be fine with some people, others believe they owe it to themselves to break through the glass ceiling and find their true potential.

Taking that scary step into the unknown may be the single best thing you do for yourself. Research has shown that seeking new experiences and learning new skills can ultimately open new doors and present you with wonderful opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon. You must believe in yourself, trust your abilities and be willing to take a few risks in order to achieve the dreams you’ve got planned for yourself.

You’ll quickly discover that was once frightening and unimaginable has become your new norm, and you’ve acquired new a new set of dreams that you aren’t afraid to go after, risks and all. Life is a journey with numerous lessons, ups and downs along the way.

It’s how you respond to these ups and downs that is a measure of your character and inner strength. Ideal situations do not test your resilience. Then when the tides are against you, that’s when you must have an inherent desire to prevail, motivation and a strong sense of self.

Here are some lessons you will gain once you step outside your comfort zone.

1. You’ll learn new things.

Learning is a continuous process, no matter how old you are or how many degrees you have. It’s essential in order to get the most out of life. Be curious and ask questions. You’ll gain knowledge and experience, as well as expand your potential and grow as a person, no matter what your profession is. And you’ll push your limits further, enabling you to become better and stronger than before. That is freedom.

2. You’ll boost your self-confidence.

Once you try going outside your comfort zone, you’ll discover that things aren’t really as bad as you had pictured it would be. Our imagination certainly gets the better of us and holds us back. It bores into our minds how scary the world is and reminds us of all the bad things that can happen. Yet it’s exactly this venturing into the unknown that builds you up to be the strong, brave version of yourself you’ve always pictured but never dared act on.

Overcoming that fear builds confidence and pride. You may not succeed the first time, or every time, but you persevere. And that’s the mark of a truly courageous, unbeatable human being. But courage is a like a muscle, you need to train it constantly by experiencing new things and meeting new people, and you’ll never do that unless you push yourself to try the things you’re afraid of.

3. You’ll meet new people.

Meeting new people can be awkward, certainly uncomfortable. You get so wrapped up in work and life that you don’t feel the need to put in the effort of adding stressful moments, like introducing yourself to someone, into your life. So, you do with your close group of friends and family members and that’s that. But meeting someone for the first time doesn’t have to be all that stressful.

We put so much pressure on that one moment that we forget all the possibilities that lie ahead, and what it could mean to add a fresh face into your social or professional circle. New people can open up opportunities and possibilities, even if you don’t become best friends; you’ll have had a chance to see things from a new perspective.

Trying to avoid any opportunity for growth will make you feel stuck and mediocre, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.

4. You’ll become unstoppable.

You’ll hit many bumps on the road of life, but each time you find your inner strengths to figure out a way to resolve it, you’ll become stronger and wiser. These are the situations that shape your character.

And as you grow, you become more determined, a force to be reckoned with on your journey to fulfilling your dreams. And as you move from one teaching moment to the next, new possibilities will present themselves to you that you didn’t have a clue existed. You’ll feel encouraged to live life to the fullest without anything holding you back.

A final note

Fear is only a manifestation of what we tell ourselves and you are the one with the power to get rid of it. Overcome it, and you’ll begin to see what you’re truly capable of. David J. Schwartz, author of the bestselling book The Magic of Thinking Big, said, “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.”

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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