Key Steps To Setting Goals

For many of us, the mere thought of setting goals and then subsequently achieving those goals successfully can be overwhelming and intimidatingly daunting because of the fear of the possibility that we might fail at the task of accomplishing our aspirations efficaciously, however, the concept of setting goals need not be so exhausting, as long as we remember to set realistic expectations for ourselves and not become overly ambitious or set goals that are ultimately unattainable.

The process of setting goals can be achieved through organized thinking and through a “baby step” style of approach where smaller goals are set first, and our confidence builds with each goal that is realized successfully.

Alternatively, the endeavors embarked upon that did not succeed can be viewed as learning opportunities rather than esteem diminishing failures. In order to set goals in such a way as to optimize their success, consider the following steps:


Keep a detailed journal of the ideas that you have for the future.  As you make entries you will find that just seeing your aspirations written down will greatly assist you in your motivation to fulfill your objectives and will give you the greatest chance for achievement.

The act of writing things down may seem obvious and overly simplified; however, keeping your thoughts organized on paper (or other media) is an extremely useful habit to get into regardless of the undertaking.


It goes without saying that if your heart’s not in it or if you are not entirely committed to achieving a particular goal, then your chances of success become dismal and likely the endeavor will have just been a waste of your time.

Focus on those goals that to which you are truly and staunchly devoted to making a reality because ultimately, simply dreaming of “nice” ideas really doesn’t mean much if you are not going to be willing to find the determination to see them through.


Realistically, your motivation and willingness to take the necessary actions to realize any goal is going to depend on the what value that particular cause has to you, and you are going to prioritize your goals internally regardless of whether you know it or not.  Identify what goals simply mean the most to you and in doing so you will discover which ventures you will inevitably be more committed to seeing through successfully. 


The enemy of success in achieving goals, (any goal, regardless of the importance) is allowing you to become distracted and therefore getting off track.  Try to hone your abilities to not only recognize, but also isolate and identify those things that may serve as distractions that are harmful to your ability for success is a crucial element to being able to avoid those distractions and not go off course.

Distractions can come in many forms and manifestations and may not always be as obvious as you expect, so crafting your skill at maintaining focus and keeping your “eye on the prize” so to speak is of paramount importance if you truly want to be successful in your achievements.

Finally, the most important factor to consider when attempting to set goals that are effectively realized is to avoid procrastination at all costs.

No goal, no matter how large or small will ever be achieved if the effort put into achieving it is constantly being put off until another time. Setting goals is all about perseverance, timing, organization, and most of all, being proactive. 

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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