Peace Affirmations That Work

We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives.’ Louise Hay.

Peace is a state of mind more than anything. It is about keeping a calm and stress-free internal environment. When you face challenges and remain level-headed and calm as opposed to angry and frustrated, you have attained that serene state of mind.

The mind is where we fight most wars that determine our thoughts, mood, actions and our behavior. Our nature turns to negative scenarios much quicker than it embraces positivity. To overcome this flaw of humanity, we must constantly fight off negativity and replace it with a positive mindset. It is the only way to calm the noise. It is the only way to attain peace.

Affirmations are a great way to condition our minds for positivity. Just like daily physical activities help condition the body for health, affirmations do the same for the mind. Positive thinking is a phenomenon that seeks to do away with negative thoughts. Unfortunately, as great as that would be, it is not always possible to stop yourself from having bad thoughts. Life will always come with challenges, and such negative thoughts will creep in without us being aware. Hence the bad moods we engage in now and then. To get positive thoughts to wash out the negativity, one can use affirmations.

When you recite affirmations, it is the same as having a pep talk.

Before a team goes out to play, the coach or captain gathers them together and gives a type of motivational speech. As players engage in whatever sporting discipline, they replay that speech in their heads and it gives them the leverage they need to do their best. That speech empowers them and makes them feel like they can achieve victory against their opponents. 

Affirmations are forms of positive self-talk that help your mind to embrace a different perspective around a certain area. The beauty of affirmations is you are the one giving yourself that empowering talk. The more you tell yourself that you are brave or that you can do whatever you set your mind to do, the more believable it becomes. You can use affirmations in any arena of your life. The results are always positive, but only if you are consistent to do it as often as you can.

Peace and affirmations.

The environment we live in does not always encourage peace. Too much is the hands of other people who may not share the same values and ethics or moral code as us. You can try to influence all those different environments to be calm by practicing the virtues that relate to peace. It may not always work, however. Conflicts will always arise. In such moments, you can make your own personal space a place of tranquility. You do not have to give in to negative thoughts and situations.

Use daily affirmations to condition your mind for peace. It may start off strange that you can speak peace into existence, but it becomes believable with practice. Calling upon that peace during stressful moments will keep you from being swept under by the tides of life.

You can choose to do your peace affirmations during a specific time of the day, one that allows you to absorb what you are saying in a serene environment. Other people swear by early morning affirmations. It makes sense because it sets the tone for the day, before you encounter anything that can threaten that peace. Handling difficult clients or dealing with your work or school pressure becomes bearable after spending your quiet time conditioning your mind for peace.

How to come up with personal affirmations.

Affirmations open the door to positivity. The good thing about them is that you can come up with your own affirmations of peace, based on what you want to change or influence in your different environments. Because affirmations are like a pep talk, you can author statements that speak peace into the spheres you want. You can come up with phrases that your mind can believe. It does not have to be a complex, other-worldly statement that showcases your poetic ability. You can write affirmations in a language that your mind understands. The simplest and shortest affirmations can do the trick.

Here are some examples of peace affirmations that work: 

  • My mind is a haven of peace.
  • I am at peace with myself and with my environment.
  • I am at peace with others, even those who are not at peace with me.
  • I choose to be calm.
  • I am a beacon of peace to all the people I encounter.
  • I choose to have a peaceful day.
  • Peace is my first response to adversity.
  • Nothing can take away my inner peace. 
  • I release all the negative energy that threatens to disturb my peace.
  • I handle every situation and every event with calmness and self-control.
  • I think peaceful thoughts and enjoy peace in my life.

Affirmations are like nutrients that enrich the soil of our minds. Whatever we plant grows because the soil is rich. The more you choose to think thoughts that make you feel at peace, the quicker the affirmations work.

If you want to change your approach to negative circumstances that threaten your inner peace, use affirmations. They will bring calm to any situation.

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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