How to Get the Most from Daily Affirmations

You’ve probably seen affirmations in books or online and perhaps even tried repeating them for a few days without seeing much in the way of improvements in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience more positive personal changes from affirmations?

Making affirmations work for you starts with a clear understanding of what they are:

An affirmation is a positive statement written as if you are saying it, and addresses a personal characteristic you may have, wish to have, or want more of. Many affirmations also include content that prompts your mind to ponder the characteristic in self-reflection.

This process will help you experience the greatest benefits from reading affirmations:

  1. Make an effort to clear your mind before reading an affirmation. Ensure you have enough time, like 15 minutes or so, to read, process, and reflect on the affirmation. Then, read through the affirmation.

  2. Are you familiar with all the words used in the affirmation? If not, look up any questionable words. Think about how these words relate to the topic.

  3. Re-state the affirmation in your own words. This step increases your understanding and retention of the content as your mind mulls over the concepts.

  4. You could say something like, “I think this affirmation is describing the best ways to talk about your feelings with another person. It focuses on being honest and not being afraid to share how you really feel.”

  5. Endeavor to apply the affirmation to yourself. Do you behave, think, or feel as the affirmation suggests?
  • If you identify that you already handle the subject matter as it’s portrayed in the affirmation, then the affirmation confirms this quality in your mind and helps boost your self-confidence.

  • If you believe you respond in less than positive ways to the situations described, what can you learn from the affirmation?

  • Reflect on the positive methods in the affirmation to help develop those methods in your own life. Strive to apply the information in similar situations in the future.

  • Recognize that an important function of an affirmation is to encourage you to look within yourself. Effective affirmations usually state you’re skilled at something or can emotionally deal with situations in healthy ways.

  • Achieve self-improvement with affirmations. For people like you, who seek to live the most fulfilling life possible, affirmations can provide an endless array of self-improvement topics upon which you can reflect.
  • Affirmations confirm the great qualities you already have and help you develop and strengthen the characteristics you want to add to your repertoire.

  • The combination of self-reflection and repetition enables the affirmation to reach your sub-conscious mind and changes your beliefs and actions, one thought at a time.

  • Discover new and exciting qualities about yourself. Because life is often a rocky pathway, engaging in ongoing self-discovery can help you better navigate the bumpy parts of your journey by figuring out things about your personal qualities and ways of relating.

When you use these strategies, you’ll not only discover new knowledge while reading affirmations, but you’ll also learn to apply the new information in your own life in ways that strengthen and benefit you.

Affirmations to help with stress:

I lower stress.

I protect my body and mind by cutting down on stress. I slow down. I take a few deep breaths. I pause in between tasks to review my priorities, and remember my purpose. I resist the urge to rush. I relax and let go of tension.

I focus on the present moment. I engage fully with what I am doing instead of mechanically checking off boxes. I am at peace with the past. I pay attention to what I can accomplish today rather than worrying about tomorrow.

I create realistic expectations. I give myself credit for taking risks and making an effort. I learn from experience and evaluate my progress.

I take care of my health. I keep my energy levels high. I go to bed on time. I eat nutritious foods and exercise each day.

I beautify my surroundings. I clear away clutter so I can concentrate and feel comfortable. I remove dirt so everything smells fresh and appealing. I decorate my home and office with objects that soothe and delight me.

I make time for fun and relaxation. Taking breaks throughout the day refreshes me and makes me more productive. Playing with my kids or working on my hobbies stimulates my creativity.

I ask for help. Big projects are less overwhelming when I reach out to others for support.

Today, I feel calm and collected. I remove unnecessary stress from my life and respond to challenges constructively.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How would I describe a stress-free zone?
  2. What is one thing I can do each morning to reduce stress?

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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