6 Habits to Quit To Develop Mental Tenacity

To be mentally strong, you need to have some healthy habits. Some of our choices and actions often hinder our growth when it comes to mental tenacity. With time, we become lax and give in to certain pressures. To be a person of high mental strength, you need to be able to control your thought and emotion, and also be disciplined in all areas of life. Listed below are some of the toxic habits that you need to let go of if you are to develop some tenacity.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself

The famous poet, D.H Lawrence, briefly expressed how unseemly self-pity is when he coined the words, “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” Mentally strong people do not sit around languishing about circumstances or situations that did not go their way. They get up and keep on swinging, no matter the odds. If you keep on feeling sorry for yourself, you will always feel helpless and like a victim. In order to develop mental strength, you need to stand up, face your fears and challenges, and find a way forward. Get up and keep fighting without wallowing in self-pity.

Stop fearing change

Most people are scared of change and novelty. It is easy to sit down and feel cozy in one’s own comfort zone. However, this behavior does not allow for growth. Change is inevitable in life and if you are to have some degree of mental tenacity, you have to learn to embrace it and accept it. Face challenges every time and learn to be flexible. A tenacious spirit is not a spirit of rigidity, it also allows flexibility especially when the winds of change blow. So, quit getting cozy in that corner and embrace changes as they come.

Quit the habit of pleasing others

To be of strong spirit, one has to learn to stand by the things they believe in and to fight for what they truly stand for. You have to quit following the masses and learn to define yourself as a unique individual. Speak up and make your interests known. Stop being blown to and fro by waves of peer pressure and public opinions. Be your own person. Have the courage to challenge the status quo if it goes against your core values. If you develop the habit of being a crowd-pleaser, you will always be trapped in the shadows and never develop mental tenacity.

Quit dwelling in the past

For one to develop mental fortitude, they need to let go of all the things that hold them back. The past, whether good or bad memories, can forever trap us in stasis unable to move on. For you to be mentally strong, you have to walk away from the past. Always be in the present and make ground-breaking progress in the now. Dwelling on the past is a weakness, whether going about in a haze of nostalgia or being haunted by the past. You need to break the habit of letting memories cripple you. Make all the necessary plans and walk fearlessly and weightlessly in the present.

Quit procrastinating

People with mental tenacity always carry out the things they want to do. They do not dwell in constant dread of doing them. For you to be a person of mental fortitude, you ought to be disciplined and carry out things in time. Leaving tasks for the last-minute shows poor self-discipline and organization while it often deprives you of the opportunity to plan for the future. Mentally strong people are people with control, they are in charge of their time and surroundings, and thus their things are often in order. So, stop procrastinating and giving excuses. Be in charge, complete tasks in time without leaving things for the last minute.

Shun the habit of instant gratification

Craving instant gratification is a sign of weakness and lack of self-discipline. If you are constantly in search of an instant thrill, it shows that you are a puppet to your desires and lack mental tenacity. You ought to stop being impatient. Be patient, look at the bigger picture and stop the tendency to in a sprint for a quick fix. Just like marathon athletes, what you need is to practice your mental stamina. Slow down a bit and try to be consistent. This will help you strengthen your will.

In a nutshell, people of tenacious spirit are mindful people. It takes a lot of self-analysis and deep introspection to be in control in such a manner. If you wish to develop this level of tenacity, you have to drop all the behavior that weakens you. Be mindful, always be in charge of your life, and avoid being a victim of peer pressure or a victim of your own unbridled urges.

Stay safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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