Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 15: Repurpose Your Life

The season of spring gives the impression of starting out shy, with a few early flowers popping their heads out to test the air before the big show of color makes its striking debut.

In the same way that spring unfolds one tiny, brave seedling; one sprout at a time, gaining momentum as it goes… so can you commit to living a life of purpose.

On the final day of our Spring Cleaning for Your Soul challenge, you will be setting down roots for making meaningful and important changes in your life.

Remember that, like spring, positive change in your life comes one single moment and one small action at a time. As you make progress, things seem to unfold more swiftly. Wishes become actions which become rituals which form new habits. Values become goals which become your way of living.

Before you know it, those few little changes that you made a few years ago have set you on the path to an entirely new and desired way of living.

This spring, become extra mindful of how things come alive in nature. That one whiff of breath on the lips of a small child can be the catalyst for hundreds of dandelion seeds catching flight on the air, to make their way home to someplace new and unexpected.

In the same way as those dandelion seeds fly, all it takes is a burst of forward momentum to push your way to an unexpected and welcomed direction.

Journaling Exercise: Spring Ahead

What values do you hold dear? Have you ever thought about this?

For our final journaling entry in the Spring Cleaning for Your Soul Challenge, we’ll get clear on what is most important to you in terms of how you want to live.

One reason that so many people are out there feeling alone and without purpose in their lives is that they have yet to do that necessary work for change. This involves:

Taking stock of the way things are.

Visualizing the way you wish things could be.

Laying down the framework for getting there one step at a time.

Find the people, tools, and resources to make it happen.

Ask the necessary questions:

What about life as you’re living it today, is not in alignment with your values?

What do you wish would happen so that you might live in accordance with your desires?

What would deliver meaning and purpose in your life?

What are you good at?

What do you enjoy most?

Who can you help?

Set Your Intention:

What is your greatest wish for tomorrow?

What steps will you take to begin traveling in this direction?

Now go back and read through the entire, 15-day series of journaling entries that you recorded as you worked through the Spring Cleaning for Your Soul Challenge.

Use what you wrote to make a simple plan for change that you will enact one goal, step, and habit at a time, for the near future.

I hope you have gained some insights into your own soul and enjoyed the inner work involved with this Spring Cleaning for the Soul challenge.

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Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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