Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 13: Plant the Seeds for Positive Change

Spring brings new life into the world. On our 13th day of the Spring Cleaning for Your Soul Challenge, think about planting seeds of optimism.

Making the world a better place than you found it involves makes small but meaningful acts. In fact, some of the plans you set into motion may not even be realized by you. It takes time, and it can also take many people, to initiate positive change.

The important thing is to take the initiative and get something going.

This is the time of year that we tend the soil and plant the seeds that will bear tomorrow’s nourishing food. When you plant a garden, you get to benefit from your hard work by enjoying the fruits and vegetables of your labor. But also remember that gardening begins with one and benefits many. They call it PRODUCE for a reason.

A single fruit or flower bears hundreds of seeds. So each time you put just one seed into the ground that becomes a thriving plant, you’re also planting the seeds for potentially many more plants over the coming years.

Today, ask yourself what positive actions you’d like to take to help make a difference in the world around you. One small gesture can have far-reaching ripple effects. Just like that garden seed, generations from now, the effort you made might still be affecting lives to come.

-What good things do you want to see happen in the world?

-Do you wish for everyone to have nourishing food in their bellies?

-Do you long for more kindness and understanding between people?

-Do you hope that animals can know better living conditions and care?

-Do you wish for better care giving for the old, the infirm and those people of any age who have special needs?

Journal Exercise: What Seeds of Change Will You Plant?

For today’s journaling exercise, write down the following:

  • Five small gestures you can offer your fellow humans which will make a positive effect in their day today.
  • Two bigger ideas for solving the world’s problems, to help make life on our planet a better place.

Set Your Intention:

Now that you’ve journaled through the planting of your positive seeds, how can you make sure that you will reap what you sow?

Set a realistic, tangible and timely goal around a positive change that you can make in your own life. It could be with your family, child’s school, work, or your community.

What will you do? Commit to one small act.

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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