Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 6: Scrub Away Guilt

Has guilt become an unwelcome house guest in your daily life?

Do you move from task to task and situation to situation of your day, with the weight of guilt tugging at your mind and heart?

Constant guilt is no way to thrive in your life, and that’s what we’ll be purging on Day 6 of the Spring Cleaning for Your Soul 15-day challenge.

Guilt robs us of satisfaction in ourselves, and steals away our peace.

Where does guilt come from? It might originate in your own mind… wanting to please others and be of service. But guilt is also a feeling that’s shaped by how we were raised.

Did your mom and dad give you the gift of NOT guilting you?

If they did guilt you, take comfort in the fact that this was likely learned from their parents before them.

This spring, help yourself to true inner peace. Clear your soul of the constant guilt that robs you of daily pleasure and self satisfaction!

One much needed spring cleaning task that will have you scrubbing and polishing your soul to its former luster, is the removal of unnecessary guilt.

Everyone feels a twinge of guilt from time to time. We want to do and be our best. We have expectations to live up to and people to do our very best for.

Actually, having at least some guilt is likely a healthy way to live. Guilt prevents us from being entirely self serving. The feeling of guilt keeps us humble, or it could be the other way around.

Guilt holds us accountable to other people and to our commitments and promises.

Journal Exercise: Be Free From Guilt Today.

For today’s journal exercise, we’re going “on location” with our journal. Even if you don’t normally carry a pen and pad around with you, stash yours in your purse, back pack or brief case.

Next time you have a free moment, such as on your lunch or coffee break, pull out your pen and paper.

Spend some time thinking about what you felt guilty about today, and why.

Was your guilt justified?

Did your guilt come from within? Or was the guilty feeling induced by something that someone else said to you?

What did you hope to do (or not do) that may have caused the guilt to occur?

Sit with your feeling of guilt for a bit. Allow it to wash over you. Then envision your feeling, that pressure, the tug of guilt like a small child pulling at your pant leg, finally easing up and subsiding.

If you could personify guilt, what would he or she look like? Write out or maybe even draw a detailed portrayal of guilt.

What would you say to your guilt if you could?

Stand together with your guilt. Then write down some parting words to gently tell your guilty feelings to please be gone. You know what you must do to make any situation good. Guilting yourself over it only prolongs your discomfort and delays the positive outcome.

Be Safe and Stay Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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