Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 5: Clean Up Your Chaos

Hello and welcome to Day 5 of our Spring Cleaning for Your Soul challenge! Today we’re going to work on cleaning up our chaos.

One thing that always feels really good at spring time is clearing out the clutter and chaos of our daily lives. Most people think of spring cleaning as a household task. The warm, soft breeze beckons us to open up the windows of our homes and let in the fresh, clean air. We suddenly feel like cleaning out not only our closets, but all of the chaos of our busy and brimming existence.

Invite some peace into your life by cutting out the chaos and calamity. Make room for calm, mindful ways of being. What’s chaotic in your life?

It could be an overbooked calendar, or too much clutter in your living space. Perhaps your chaotic feeling comes from cabinets stuffed to capacity, or even just a mind on over drive. One of the best things you can do for your own peace of mind this spring is let go of everything that creates static and confusion.

Did you ever consider such as thing as “visual noise?” Anything that’s an assault on the senses tends to make it more difficult to think and maintain calm composure.

If you’re greeting with a feeling of stress when you walk in the door, it may be time to rehome some of your belongings or pack up some things to stow away for another season.

If the thought of sitting down to a single task has your brain running through a long to-do list of obligations and commitments… then that’s mental chaos. It’s time to clear out the clutter of your busy mind!

Journal Exercise: Replace Chaos with Comfort

One of the best gifts you can give yourself this spring is a clearing of chaos. This starts in your physical space, but it also should ideally include your mental space.

For your journaling exercise, sit with the chaos for a moment. What parts of your day make you feel stressed, and why? Where do you typically go that brings you a sense of chaos and confusion? How can you replace these feelings of anxiety?

Start by writing down one area of your home or your life that ups the chaos factor in your life. It could be your kitchen, your office desk or your car.

What would you change about this space if you could, so that you might replace the chaos and disorder with a sense of order and serenity?

Write down the steps you can take to rid this area of the extra mental clutter and visual static.

Next, journal a place in your mind where you visit from time to time that brings you strife and confusion.

It could be the thought of another Friday approaching, and all the things you still have to do in order to prepare for your busy weekend.

Now write down an action that you can take to eliminate that bad feeling of confusion and stress in your life. Jot down the steps you’ll take to make this positive change.

Set Your Intention:

You’ve already taken care of the difficult part of this. In your journaling exercise, you outlined the steps to rid specific areas of your life and your mind of chaos.

Set an intention to take action and do the series of steps. Follow through. When you’ve completed each chaos-clearing series of actions, give yourself the reward of mindfulness.

Stay in that new, clear space that you’ve created for yourself. Let yourself simply be. To feel, to think your thoughts. To tune your mind to the peaceful silence that’s all around you.

Stay Safe and Be well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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