Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 4: Purge Your Regrets

Welcome back for Day 4 of the “Spring Cleaning for Your Soul” Challenge. Today I’ll delve into the topic of purging our regrets.

Do you have things in your life that you feel regretful over? Situations that you wish you hadn’t been a part of? Things you wish you hadn’t said?

Remember that spring is a time of rebirth. In the same way that our great planet self cleanses and purges itself of whatever it no longer needs, you can rid yourself of any regrets that may be causing you emotional discomfort and holding you back from whatever it is that you may want to do, be and achieve.

What types of regrets might you have?

Maybe you regret getting involved in an unhealthy relationship that left you feeling doubtful and unsure.

Maybe you regret saying or doing something that hurt someone else.

Maybe you regret not standing up for yourself at a time when someone may have taken advantage of you.

Maybe you regret working too hard, and missing out on fun times. Or, perhaps the opposite… maybe you regret not working hard enough!

How does regret make you feel? Do you beat yourself up over it? Take your inspiration from our great planet at spring time. The earth undergoes dramatic changes… weather changes impact lives. Water wears away at and restructures the land as we know it.

Remember that what may seem like destruction, including that of yourself or another, ultimately causes something new to take shape, and often in a more evolved form. But when you get stuck in a regretful mindset, you prevent yourself from reaching that state of enlightened awareness, and the shift into higher living.

Journal Exercise: Address Regrets, Then Let Them Go

In today’s journal exercise, you’ll be writing out some thoughts about things we maybe wish you didn’t do or say (or, conversely, wish that you DID to or say but didn’t have the nerve, or let the opportunity slip past for some other reason).

List three things that happened, or that you did or said, which caused you to feel regret.

What do you feel regretful of, and why?

If you could press rewind and delete on the situation and do it over, what would you do or say differently?

Next, instead of dwelling on what you should have or should not have done, think about what steps you can take to repair the situation that you feel regretful of.

Is your regret related to a relationship? How can you approach the person differently in the future? What will you do?

Set Your Intention:

Make a plan to take action on whatever you need to, in order to alleviate yourself of regret.

Remember that there is no turning back the clock on what’s already happened. However, you do have it in you to change the future.

Stay Stay and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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