Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 2: Lighten Up Your Outlook

Are you taking time out to enjoy the first bliss-filled, sunny days after a long, dark winter?

Sometimes we can feel like a mole that’s just come out of hibernation, blinking drowsily in the too-bright sunlight during these first few days before nature trades her dark, heavy coat for lighter, brighter hues.

As we welcome the sun to warm our planet and our hearts, today we will also acknowledge the light of the world that illuminates all the beauty, truth and love of this miraculous thing we call life.

When you feel that warm glow of sunshine, what does it call to mind for you? Light of hope… light of truth. The light of truth carries us out of the dark depths of confusion and fear. It’s the doubt and fear that pull us farther away from our true purpose, our soul’s calling that guides us to life the life we were meant for in the grand scheme of things.

There’s dark and light in everything… and without the dark, there would be no light. So when spring touches everything with its healing light, you’re finally able to see whatever it was that may have been stopping you from moving in a direction that you want to go in.

So today, as you make your way into the warm, sunlit world, take some time to ponder what may have been holding you back in darker days. Was it fear? Worry? A mindset of limitation?

Journal Exercise: Go to the Light

What sorts of dark thoughts have held you back during the long, cold winter? Winter is a time for the soul to turn inward. This winter may not have been the coldest in terms of temperature. But the lack of sunlight and the seemingly endless stretch of dreary days tends to put us into a sort of hibernation of the soul.

What dark thoughts kept you from taking action this past winter?

How did you feel about your relationships? Were you as likely to be social and outgoing? Write about the thoughts you had about others and your relationship with them, this winter.

Now that the sun is finally shining… how are you starting to feel about those relationships that proved difficult for you?

With everything warming up again for spring, are you likely to  experience a warming of your heart as well?

Think about those relationships that you may have neglected or backed away from during the long, cold winter. What can you do to lighten up, and brighten up, your outlook when working with, talking with, and dealing with other people?

Make a list of people you’d like to reconnect with as the spring gets underway. What do you value about each person, and why?

Shed light on the plans that you might have neglected over the last few months. Did you feel discouraged by the chill in the air and the quick and sudden ending to another day?

Thank goodness the days are getting longer again!

What plans are you ready to bring to life again, now that the light is shining more brightly on your day, and the future is now?

Set Your Intention:

Pick two intentions that you’d like to focus on to “shed bright light upon your most meaningful friendships and most important personal goals.”

What actions will you take to make these intentions become reality?

What will you do less of in the name of supporting your own intentions?

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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