Spring Cleaning for Your Soul 15 Day Challenge

Day 1: Freshen Up Your Perspective

Welcome to Day 1 of our Spring Cleaning for the Soul!!  

Spring is a time of cleansing. Our planet does a natural self cleaning during this season of renewal and rebirth. The trees that shed their dying leaves in the fall now use that energy to burst forth new growth. The brown, dead grass that covered the ground in winter makes way for fresh green shoots poking up from the soil.  It’s pretty amazing that with each passing year, nature knows just what to do.

Stepping out into the warm sunlight, kissed by gentle spring breezes… such beauty and rapture in the rebirth of life on our planet!

In the same way that life naturally refreshes and renews itself at this time of year, we can make spring a time to clear out old, defeatist ways of thinking that may not serve us anymore.

What types of negative and self defeating perceptions may be stopping you from following your heart and making your dreams reality?

As we embark on our very first rumination of spring cleaning for the soul, let’s think about the self talk that clouds our judgment as we go about our daily lives.

Do you have a little voice inside of your head that accompanies you on your various activities of the day?

Is the little voice positive, or negative? Or is the voice either/or, depending on how you’re feeling and what’s going on? Since we’re going to be doing some freshening, let’s take a closer look at what your self talk is saying to you. If the voice in your head has become doubtful and discouraging, how can you freshen up your perspective to match the jubilance of the spring season?

Journal Exercise: Put a Fresh Spin on Your Self Talk

Today’s journal exercise is designed to help you become more intimately acquainted with the inner stream of consciousness that accompanies you on your day’s activities and excursions.

Let’s start with your morning routine. The kick-start to your day sets the tone for how things go for the rest of your waking hours.

What is the very first thought that pops into your daily dialogue of self talk? Is it “Oh, boy, I can’t wait to start my morning!” Are you looking ahead with eager anticipation of all the plans you’ll set into motion today?

Or… are you approaching another day with dread and resentment? If your self talk is saying things like “Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to get up and go to work,” or “What’s the point of all this… no one appreciates me anyway…” then that’s your self talk letting you know that there’s a real need for change.

So now that you have become aware of your inner thoughts… if something isn’t right in your life, what can you do to make it so?

How can you change the inner dialogue to fuel your mind and heart with purpose?

How can you bring a fresh perspective this spring, so that you can finally start working toward those very important steps you need to take to get life moving in a direction that you’d truly love to be heading in?

Repeat this exercise for different parts of your day. After all, various things happen over the course of our daily life. Our moments are spaced out with potential for fluctuating attitudes. You may dread one part of your daily routine, but feel relieved and happy at another point in time.

So consider again what the stream of consciousness is saying to you. If it’s something negative about you, or about the people around you… ask yourself how YOU can be the change that’s needed?

How can you spin this situation and turn things around to make it a win-win for all involved parties… without blaming or shaming yourself or anybody else.

Set Your Intention:

Once you take some time to write down your journaled thoughts about your self talk and how you can use it to freshen up your perspective… go the next step. Set your intention for the not-so-distant future.

What goal can you set for yourself based on the insights that you gained during your journaling experience?

Think of two intentions that you can put into action over the course of next few months. Your goals should be timely and tangible. See you tomorrow for Day 2!

Stay Safe and Be Well

The Positive Professional 🙂

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