7 Ways to Make a Fresh Start on Your Goals (Even When You Failed in the Past)

Failure gets a bad rap in our society. And that’s a shame, because failing just means you haven’t found the right way yet. Robbie Burns wrote ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray’. Not ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’, but ‘often.’ If you have failed to reach your goal, you’re in very good company. Edison famously tried and failed more than 1000 times before he hit on the right way to make a light bulb. So, a fresh start is a good thing, and one you can make any time. Pick yourself up and follow these expert tips to get on track.

1.Learn From Your Mistakes

If you want to make a fresh start, be clear about what went wrong, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone makes mistakes, but successful people don’t make the same mistakes twice. See your setback as an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. Let Go of What Didn’t Work

Acknowledge that you haven’t conquered your goal this time, but that you always have another chance. Let go of the disappointment and don’t brood over what might have been. Upgrade your energy to positive and refocus on success.

3. Get Clarity

Be clear on what you want to change and why. What do you want to achieve? Write it down and break it into a sequence of steps. Each small step is one step closer to your goal.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

If you have a long list of goals or things you want to change, chances are you won’t achieve very much at all. Keep your goals short, so you can really focus your energy and commitment.

5.Get Some Support

You don’t have to journey alone. Make sure you have a circle of trusted friends or colleagues who will support you through the tough times and celebrate when you win. Look for a mentor or life coach who can give you objective advice.

6. Switch Up Your Mindset

It’s natural to feel down after you’ve had a setback but deciding to make a fresh start is an opportunity to switch up your mindset. Optimistic people are more likely to succeed, so use affirmations and positive self-talk to stay upbeat.

7. Celebrate Now!

Of course, you’ll celebrate your successes, but don’t forget to honor yourself for making a fresh start. That takes courage and commitment, and you should acknowledge that. Give yourself a pat on the back for turning up and staying on track.

Stay Safe and Be Well 🙂

The Positive Professional

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